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Featured Small Business: Myers Polaris

Posted on April 27th, 2016 in Automotive Tips, Holiday Shopping, Savings, Small Business Feature by vgmforbin |

Small Business Feature

Whether its mudding season or blizzard season outdoor enthusiasts know the one place in Fairbank to go for all their adventure needs. Owned and operated by Roger Myers, Myers Polaris serves the Fairbank community offering sales, parts, and repairs for a variety of Polaris vehicles.

Roger decided to start his business in Fairbank for a number of reasons. “It’s a very nice small town with amenities only towns much larger have. The people are friendly and always willing to help each other,” he shared.

Over the years Roger has been able to see a steady rise in his business which he directly attributes to the success of Fairbank’s growth. “Being able to grow and expand our business with the support of the city and TIF program,” Roger said was pinnacle to their continued improvement.

“When you look at other small towns Fairbank’s size, they are shrinking and losing business. Fairbank is headed in a different direction with growth in residents, new construction, and business starting in town,” said Roger. Having a thriving local customer base, in addition to city government support through key initiatives, helps keep Roger busy throughout the various seasons.

If you’re an outdoor adventurer, be sure to stop by Myers Polaris at 304 E. Main St. in Fairbank. Roger will help you and your family with all of your Polaris sales and service needs.

Northeast Security Bank loves working with small business owners just like Roger! With custom commercial financing, credit and debit cards, convenient online services, and business checking we have everything you need to turn your next business idea into reality.

Northeast Security Bank is proud to feature local small businesses in our monthly blog. If you or a business you know would like to be featured please contact Marcy Bergman at MBergman@northeastsecuritybank.com.

Featured Small Business: Bellis Neil Insurance Agency

Posted on April 13th, 2016 in Customer Service, Home Buying, Personal Finances, Small Business Feature by vgmforbin |

Small Business Feature

As soon as you step into the main street storefront you are greeted with a familiar smile. Serving the immediate Fairbank community Bellis Neil Insurance Agency welcomes customers from all walks of life into their office to chat and discuss their future goals. With offerings for all areas of insurance including home, auto, health, crop, farm, and commercial, owners Chad and Amber Van Daele pride themselves on being a true family run business.

Starting their growing business in Fairbank was an easy decision for the couple. “Having bought our business from two wonderful successful families gave us the assurance we needed to keep offering the same services they did,” said Amber.

Fairbank boasts numerous benefits for small businesses, one of the most influential being their people! “Everyone knows everyone and no matter what, you feel encouragement, support and friendship from whomever your encounter,” Amber shared.

Their life in Fairbank is full of activity. No matter what holiday is on the horizon, the town is always buzzing with festive events, decorated streets, and citizens beaming with excitement.

Working in the insurance industry is something the couple is truly passionate about. Treating others the way they want to be treated is the company motto, and both Chad and Amber work each day to do exceptional work for their valued clients. “Living and working in a small town gives a feeling of success when so many of your customers are part of your daily life!” said Amber.

If you’re looking to reexamine your insurance policies stop by the Bellis Neil Insurance Agency today! Located at 107 E. Main St., their knowledgeable agents will make sure to find you the best policy for best price.

Northeast Security Bank loves working with small business owners just like Chad and Amber! With custom commercial financing, credit and debit cards, convenient online services, and business checking we have everything you need to turn your next business idea into reality.

“Everyone is so friendly and helpful – you have a trustworthy small town feel with all the employees and they always offer excellent customer service,” shared Amber.

Northeast Security Bank is proud to feature local small businesses in our monthly blog. If you or a business you know would like to be featured please contact Marcy Bergman at MBergman@northeastsecuritybank.com.

The Art of Pranking: April Fools 101

Posted on April 1st, 2016 in Communities, Entertaining, General, Holiday by vgmforbin |


April Fool’s Day is about more than sharing a laugh or a practical joke. April 1st is the one day each year you are encouraged to let your evil genius shine. This April Fool’s Day become the reigning jokester of your office with these fun-filled pranks courtesy of Northeast Security Bank.


Create the Ultimate Fool’s Dinner: Make your meal time extra special with these grilled cheese sandwiches and cupcakes. They might trick you at first glance, but really they’re a well-balanced meal in disguise! See how close your kids get before they realize the difference!


Googley Eyes: For a fun, and warm-hearted joke at home place goggly eyes on all your items in the fridge and the pantry. When the kiddos go to grab breakfast, their surprise is ready, and staring right at them!


Gatorade Windex: Confuse your officemates with this classic prank. Thoroughly clean an empty bottle of Windex, and once dried, fill with blue Gatorade. Take the bottle around your workplace, drinking some with a spray, and see how many of your co-workers would like a taste!


Tape the Mouse: This common office prank is a timeless treasure for good reason! When a co-worker is away from their desk, use a small piece of clear tape to cover the laser on the bottom of their mouse. Once they return, they will try and try to figure out what is wrong, without ever noticing the tape you have placed!


Christmas Came Early: While a co-worker is gone from their desk, wrap all of their desk items, including the desk itself, in wrapping paper. Each time they need a different office tool, they will get to unwrap another present!


Post-It’s for Days: Recruit a few co-workers and head to the parking lot over lunch. With post-it’s in tow, cover your target’s car in the neon papers from head to toe. It will leave a fun message which doesn’t damage the car or the paint.


Water Obstacle Course: If you’re looking for a challenge, then this is the prank for you! Grab a large pack of plastic cups, a large pitcher of water, and begin placing water filled cups across your target’s floor. Be sure to place them with a path to the door, so you can escape once the prank is complete!


Carmel Onions: Spin the classic recipe of a caramel apples on its head for this funny prank. Instead of covering succulent apples in the liquid caramel, instead peel several onions and stick popsicle sticks in their centers before covering them in the caramel. Let them set and decorate with additional candies as needed. Be sure to have something sweet on hand when the person you prank takes a bite!


No matter which prank you choose be sure to spread the fun this April Fool’s Day!

Featured Small Business: Floral Images & Gifts

Posted on March 31st, 2016 in Bank Services, Communities, Customer Service, Education, Financial Tips, Small Business Feature by vgmforbin |

Small Business

Situated in the heart of Fairbank, Floral Images & Gifts offers fresh flowers, plants, and decoration items from their downtown storefront. Owner Peggi Suckow creates custom floral arrangements for Fairbank residents just as she has done for the past 25 years. The shop currently specializes in floral arrangements for families and weddings, in addition to the store’s wide array of home decorations.

After living in Cedar Falls for a period of time Peggi, says she’s enjoyed the small town environment Fairbank has to offer, and all of the incredible customers she works with on a daily basis.

“The chance to be one-on-one with customers,” Peggi said is one the greatest things about owning her business in Fairbank. Getting to know the customers, and growing in a close knit community is truly an intangible value tied to Fairbank’s small business owners.  “People connecting with people. Some become extended family,” said Peggi.

Between Fairbank Days, and the Christmas Hop, Fairbank’s seasonal activities truly bring the community together. Peggi describes Fairbank as a, “Safe friendly community to raise children or grow old in.” With approximately 1,113 people within this small town, Fairbank is truly one of a kind.

Next time you’re searching for that perfect floral statement, or some added touches for your home decoration, stop by Floral Images & Gifts at 209 E Main St. in Fairbank, and ask for Peggi.

Northeast Security Bank loves working with small business owners just like Peggi! With custom commercial financing, credit and debit cards, convenient online services, and business checking we have everything you need to turn your next business idea into reality.

“They are near and it is hometown, with people from Fairbank working there. You have the comfort of knowing you are well taken care of. Friendly, cordial, pleasant, helpful and so much more,” shared Peggi.

Northeast Security Bank is proud to feature local small businesses in our monthly blog. If you or a business you know would like to be featured please contact Marcy Bergman at MBergman@northeastsecuritybank.com.

National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day

Posted on March 29th, 2016 in Bank Services, Communities, Financial Tips, Savings, Small Business Feature by vgmforbin |

Mom and Pop

Celebrate the small business in your community today by paying a visit to your local storefronts! Each year we celebrate Mom & Pop Business Owners Day and show our appreciation to the men and women who make our community great.

Our local small businesses are a part of countless efforts to help boost the community of Fairbank! From adding funds to local schools, sponsoring community events, and offering new jobs to local citizens, having a thriving local economy makes a world of difference! Here are some easy way you can continue to support your local businesses throughout the year.

  1. Dine-out at your favorite locally owned and operated restaurant.
  2. Spend your dollars on Main Street and other local commerce areas.
  3. Share referrals for great customer service.
  4. Talk with friends and family, and encourage them to shop at small businesses.
  5. Purchase groceries from your community farmers market and local grocer.

Did you know that small businesses continue to produce over 50% of the net new jobs each year? Within the United States there are nearly 28 million small businesses, with approximately 543,000 new businesses starting each month. With new industries starting up in areas such as drone technology, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality, there is a whole new digital frontier available for potential new innovators and business owners.

At Northeast Security Bank we want to celebrate our local small business owners every month! Starting in April we will be launching our #BuildingFairbank blog campaign showcasing a different local business each month. We’ll help you learn about all the ins and outs of running a small business, and the increasing benefits of planting your company’s roots in Fairbank.

Learn all this and more in our next blog post this Friday, and see which one of your favorite business owners is our first feature! If you or a business you know would like to be featured in one of our upcoming blogs please contact Marcy Bergman at MBergman@northeastsecuritybank.com.

Teach Your Children to Save with 5 Easy Lessons

Posted on February 24th, 2016 in Best Financial Advice, Education, Personal Finances, Savings by vgmforbin |

teaching children to save

Building a successful financial future for your little one starts with a strong foundation. At Northeast Security Bank we offer financial opportunities for all ages! Grow the building blocks of fiscal understanding with your kiddos using these fun and easy lessons.

  1. See the value of savings: Before they understand the concept of retirement, help them see the advantage of long term savings. Just as companies offer to match their employee’s savings plan contributions, offer to match your child’s investment in a purchase. If they save for half the amount, you’ll contribute the other half.
  2. Create a goal chart: Saving for a car, a college degree, or a home takes years of planning. Let your child see the value of long term savings by helping them visually track progress in their own investment. Choose a purchase such as a new tech device or a day trip to an amusement park. Based on their allowance and other sources of income, draw a column of boxes to represent the number of weeks of savings it will require, then draw an X or place a sticker in each box once they save the weekly amount.
  3. Open a savings account: An interest-bearing savings account can help your child track their money as it expands through simple deposits and compound interest. Open an account for your child early on to educate them on the concept of finances, and have them deposit a percentage of their allowance each month to see their own wealth grow.
  4. Demonstrate checking: When your child is comfortable with complex addition and subtraction, have them assist you as you track your deposits and purchases while balancing your checkbook. Show them a bank statement and explain the different components, identifying which numbers help you balance your checking account.
  5. Set an example: Your children look to you to set a precedent, so if you save, they save, and if you spend, they spend. Set up a savings jar at home for extra change and designate these additional funds to fun family events such as ice cream trips, movie nights, and more. Show them the power of savings one coin at a time!

Northeast Security Bank wants to see you and your little ones succeed. Stop in today to learn about our children’s savings account options!

What NOT to do this Valentine’s Day!

Posted on February 12th, 2016 in General, Holiday Shopping, Online Shopping by vgmforbin |

Valentine's Day


Valentine’s Day – The day of love, or epic fails?

Let’s admit it, Valentine’s Day can be full of awkward situations, especially if your relationship is just starting out. To help guide you through this love-filled holiday, here are the top 10 things NOT to do this Valentine’s Day.


  1. Ask Siri to be your Valentine: Word is she already has plans!
  2. Send Multiple Interests Gifts: If he or she finds out about others receiving flowers or other thoughtful items you will be in hot water in no time!
  3. Put Fake Engagement Rings on Restaurant Tables: Many unexpected men and women would be shocked by the reactions of their partner… unanticipated to say the least!
  4. Starting or ending a relationship: Only an amateur makes it Facebook Official on V-Day, and only a masochist terminates it. Have some patience, and a heart!
  5. Eat Heart Shaped Food: Oh a chicken nugget, it must taste so much better molded into the shape of love… Nope still needs BBQ sauce!
  6. Have a First Date: Easy way to make an awkward situation even worse! With most couples out and about for the evening, the pressure is on for this special night to go off without a hitch.
  7. Purchase the Wrong Size of Clothes: Too big or two small and your purchase could be doing all the talking for you… Too bad it will be saying all the wrong things!
  8. Send Yourself Goodies: It may feel great to have something arrive for you at the office, but as soon as someone corners you on who sent them, you’ll be busted!
  9. Make Romantic Practical Jokes: Getting your sweetheart a small gift for the occasion? Don’t even think of wrapping it in a small ring-sized box or you might not have a sweetheart anymore!
  10. Wallow alone: Valentine’s Day is about all kinds of love – so share the wealth! Treat yourself with Single’s Awareness Day. Celebrate a Galentine’s Day with your girlfriends. Bring cookies for coworkers, chat with your parents, or make cards at a retirement home.

This Valentine’s day make the most of your holiday and stick to these tips! Let us know how it goes and post your favorite memory from February 14, to our Facebook page. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Auto Financing Tips

Posted on January 21st, 2016 in Automotive Tips, Best Financial Advice by NSBblogger |

auto loansAre you dreaming of a nicer newer ride? Get your start with Northeast Security Bank and secure your auto loan! There are many decisions to make when purchasing a new vehicle. Let us help guide you to your ideal ride with these helpful tips.

Determine if you want a new or used vehicle.

Many auto dealers today offer both new and used. While new can offer updated technology and the assurance of no prior owners, choosing a used vehicle can drastically diminish cost and offers a comparable quality with moderate mileage.

Decide on a budget and a timeline.

When choosing the right vehicle to purchase, there are many questions to help you research which may be best on your pocket book in the long run.

-How long do you want to drive this vehicle?

-What does your budget allow you to spend for the down payment and installments?

-When do you need your vehicle by?

-What type of MPG do you need to keep gas costs within your overall budget?

-How long do you want to be paying the loan off? (0-5 years)

With these questions in mind you can better view the credentials needed for the ideal vehicle for you and your family.

Save your down payment.

Speak with one of our lenders to confirm your auto financing needs and decide on an appropriate down payment amount. As a general rule 20% of the final cost of the vehicle is ideal, however depending on your personal finances a lower percentage may be available to you.  Be sure to include any maintenance work, tires, or other repairs a car may need in the overall cost.

Talk to us!

If you have any questions or want to begin the process of auto financing call or stop by today. We’re happy to help, and look forward to making you auto buying dreams a reality.

Practice good car maintenance.

After purchasing your new vehicle you’ll want to keep it prepped and ready for the winter! Try some of these quick tips to keep your car safe and warm this season.

  1. Warm up your care before you go to work to make scraping ice easier.
  2. Rotate your tires to ensure a stronger tread on tires.
  3. Keep a winter emergency kit in your vehicle, just in case!
  4. Maintain a full gas tank when possible to avoid freezing gas lines.


Preparing for Post-Honeymoon Finances

Posted on January 6th, 2016 in Financial Tips by NSBblogger |

Married FinancesFinances are a big part of marriage. Determining where your family will live, when you will go on vacation, and what spending is possible are all decisions you and your spouse now discuss. Money can be a tricky topic, so here are some easy tips to make the most out of your financial one-on-one’s.

Be transparent with one and other.

Begin the conversation with sharing each of your individual financial states, and the goals you have for where you want to be in the coming years. Once everything is out on the table you are able to dissect the differences between your finances and discover any areas that perhaps you differ on. If say one of you has debt and the other does not, then you are able to build a plan to first eliminate your now joint debt. By being open with one and other you can communicate more efficiently and work toward the goals you each share.

Evaluate your account setup.

In today’s world the words “joint checking” don’t always apply. While most common among married spouses with children, a joint checking account can provide a larger sum for paying expenses and saving toward goals. Additionally spouses today are also utilizing a combination of joint and separate accounts to maintain relative independence and have access to personal spending funds. Some couples choose to select separate accounts for all their financial means, paying bills fifty-fifty or perhaps every other. Whichever account scenario you choose, ensure that you and your spouse are on the same page, establishing ground rules acceptable spending habits.

Make a plan and stick to it.

At least once a month set aside time in your day to discuss finances with your spouse. This helps alleviate any financial tension should any money situations arise. By openly discussing successes and failures in your household finances on a regular basis you maintain a level of security in seeing where you finances stand in conjuncture with your goals each and every month. To be successful your finances your spouse and you must create and maintain a household budget. When creating your monthly budget remember to factor in costs for any loan installments, debt repayment, monthly expenses, and joint or separate savings. By evaluating your budget during your monthly finance discussions you can track you progress and adjust the budget if needed to better reach your joint financial goals.

These are some great basics to get you started. If you’d like to learn more about finances or get a joint account setup for you and your spouse, pop by the bank today. We’d love to meet with you!

Looking ahead to 2016 – what does your financial future express?

Posted on December 23rd, 2015 in Best Financial Advice, Financial Tips by NSBblogger |

financial future

New year, new financial game plan. Renew your financial knowledge with fast facts of three financial topics that’ll set you up for a successful 2016, courtesy of Northeast Security Bank.

Creating a Monthly Budget: How-To

  1. Categorize your expenses: Break up what you spend into relative categories, such as housing, food, auto, and personal. Then distinguish your essential spending from extras, notating the things you can’t live without and the one or two extras that add meaning to your life.
  2. Identify what’s earned, and calculate your spending: You can’t budget if you don’t know what your cash flow is. Nail down exactly what you bring in each month with income after taxes and other side sources of cash flow. Subtract that value from it an estimate of what you typically spend in 30 days. This allows you to see if you’re saving, breaking even, or coming up negative.
  3. Know where you’re going: If you have nothing you’re working towards, what’s the point of a budget? Pick a goal – paying off debt, buying a car – and rework your numbers from steps 1 & 2 to create a way to achieve it.

Understanding the Top 3 Bank Account Options

  1. Savings: Use this account to save money first and foremost. Checks are not typically used with savings as their primary function is accumulating funds and interest. Putting a little each month into your savings will ensure a steady value for years to come.
  2. Basic Checking: Draw money for checks from this account. Typically a checking account acts as the primary account for a person or family. Checking is what is most often associated with paying bills and monthly expenses.
  3. Certificates of Deposit (CDs): Also called, time deposits, due to the holder’s agreement to keep money in the account for a specified time (three months, six years, etc.). Money here can’t be touched during that time, but it’s rewarded with a higher interest rate.

Launching a Retirement Plan

  1. Know Your Needs: Your current age, expected age of retirement, amount currently in savings, and other factors are needed to determine how much you need to set aside. Check out a handy retirement calculator for a rough estimate.
  2. Check Your Employer’s Plan: If your employer offers a 401(k) or similar plan, hop on it. Lowered taxes, matched contributions, and automatic monthly deductions make savings a breeze.
  3. Start saving ASAP: Compound interest is a beautiful thing. Saving smaller for a longer length of time often yields more benefits than if you start saving big late in the game.

If you’d like to strategize a game plan for your financial future, our financial advisors are here to help! Call Northeast Security Bank to get started today!