The Art of Pranking: April Fools 101

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April Fool’s Day is about more than sharing a laugh or a practical joke. April 1st is the one day each year you are encouraged to let your evil genius shine. This April Fool’s Day become the reigning jokester of your office with these fun-filled pranks courtesy of Northeast Security Bank.


Create the Ultimate Fool’s Dinner: Make your meal time extra special with these grilled cheese sandwiches and cupcakes. They might trick you at first glance, but really they’re a well-balanced meal in disguise! See how close your kids get before they realize the difference!


Googley Eyes: For a fun, and warm-hearted joke at home place goggly eyes on all your items in the fridge and the pantry. When the kiddos go to grab breakfast, their surprise is ready, and staring right at them!


Gatorade Windex: Confuse your officemates with this classic prank. Thoroughly clean an empty bottle of Windex, and once dried, fill with blue Gatorade. Take the bottle around your workplace, drinking some with a spray, and see how many of your co-workers would like a taste!


Tape the Mouse: This common office prank is a timeless treasure for good reason! When a co-worker is away from their desk, use a small piece of clear tape to cover the laser on the bottom of their mouse. Once they return, they will try and try to figure out what is wrong, without ever noticing the tape you have placed!


Christmas Came Early: While a co-worker is gone from their desk, wrap all of their desk items, including the desk itself, in wrapping paper. Each time they need a different office tool, they will get to unwrap another present!


Post-It’s for Days: Recruit a few co-workers and head to the parking lot over lunch. With post-it’s in tow, cover your target’s car in the neon papers from head to toe. It will leave a fun message which doesn’t damage the car or the paint.


Water Obstacle Course: If you’re looking for a challenge, then this is the prank for you! Grab a large pack of plastic cups, a large pitcher of water, and begin placing water filled cups across your target’s floor. Be sure to place them with a path to the door, so you can escape once the prank is complete!


Carmel Onions: Spin the classic recipe of a caramel apples on its head for this funny prank. Instead of covering succulent apples in the liquid caramel, instead peel several onions and stick popsicle sticks in their centers before covering them in the caramel. Let them set and decorate with additional candies as needed. Be sure to have something sweet on hand when the person you prank takes a bite!


No matter which prank you choose be sure to spread the fun this April Fool’s Day!

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