Bad Spending Habits 101: Things to Stop Wasting your Money on Right Now

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Posted on February 25th, 2015 in Bank Services, Best Financial Advice, Customer Service, Financial Tips by NSBblogger |

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No matter what your age or what your financial status is, we all may be guilty of bad spending habits and financial decisions. It may not seem so bad that you go out to lunch at least three times a week, but in reality you are spending at least $100 a month doing so. Now is the time to kick those bad spending habits to the curb and stop wasting your money. Today, Northeast Security Bank will be hitting the money wasters that may be part of your daily life.

  1. Food and grocery shopping. Here’s a tip that will immediately save you money: don’t go to the grocery store hungry. When you go hungry, you buy items that sound good at the time. Try buying store brand items compared to name brand. You will typically save at least 50 cents per item, which will add up when you check out.
  2. Cable and internet bundles. Have you looked at your cable and internet bill recently? If you thought you really needed the gold package that came with hundreds of channels, think again. It is likely that you have a select number of channels you actually watch, so nix the big bundles and keep it simple. You will likely save around $50 a month by taking a more basic plan.
  3. Carrying over credit card balances. It may not seem like too big of a deal to carry over a couple hundred dollars on a credit card from month to month, but consider how much you’re spending on interest. Pay off your credit card balances to the best of your abilities and you could save hundreds of dollars on interest each year.

Northeast Security Bank hopes you can save money with these tips. If you need help deciding how to save your money, we can help, so contact NSB today.


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