Breathe Some Life into Your Financial Resolutions- how to stick to financial resolutions easier

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According to Statistic Brain, only 8 percent of Americans are able to keep their resolutions throughout the entire year. Some people don’t even make it through January. Northeast Security Bank wants to help you change that. If you are ready to be stick to your financial resolutions this year, keep reading for helpful tricks and tips.

Focus on one change at a time. You may have more than one financial resolution for 2015, but keep your focus on one item at a time. Change takes time, especially with your finances. Don’t expect your savings account to double within the first month of your goal, understand that it will take a while. Once you feel satisfied with one change, go ahead and work on your next financial goal.

Reach out for support. Whether you reach out to family or your financial advisor at Northeast Security Bank, support is a great way to revamp your resolution. When other people are clued in on your goals and resolutions, you are more likely to work towards them.

Build on your resolutions. Resolutions should have room for growth and change throughout the various stages. If your original goal was to save money towards your family’s savings account and you meet your goal, don’t stop there. Continue saving towards a higher, yet attainable goal. Not only will you feel accomplished by meeting the first goal, you will push yourself to the next level of accomplishment.

Celebrate your accomplishments. You deserve to be rewarded for your accomplishments. Find a rewarding activity with the family that is low cost and let them know your accomplishments. Share what you have accomplished and you are sure to attain more than you ever imagined.

Northeast Security Bank encourages you to push through this year to attain goals you never thought possible. Contact us today if you are ready to attain your financial resolutions this year.

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