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Posted on February 14th, 2014 in Communities by NSBblogger |

We won’t kiss you (probably) but we do love every one of our customers!

You know those candy hearts that are popular around this time of year? The ones with the sayings on them? Some of the sayings are cheesy, while some are more romantic; however they all are about how much someone cares about you.
Northeast Security Bank is the same way in how we feel about our customers and the communities we serve: we have a serious side, but can also gush worse than little schoolboys talking about their crushes if we felt like it. With corniness and Valentine’s day in mind, here are a few of those famous phrases you can find on conversation hearts and how they make us feel about YOU!
It’s Love- sorry, but we can’t help but feel a slight attraction to our customers. Okay, maybe it’s more than a slight attraction. We love our customers! Getting to talk to you all and catch up on everything going in your lives is often the most interesting part of our day.
Call Me- yes, please call us! The NSB staff would love to help you with any questions you have.
For You- the banking services we provide are all for you! From checking and savings accounts to mortgages and loans, Northeast Security Bank offers everything you need to succeed!
My Hero- where would we be without our customers? We see and hear all the great things you do with your time and energy, and how eagerly you pitch in to help us whenever we want to give back to our communities.
You Rule- our customers are definitely a passionate bunch. Whether they’re supporting our local sports teams, working on their farm or helping their neighbors and friends, they put their hearts into it.
You + Me- equals opportunities! We’re excited to see where each of our customers’ dreams take them, and Northeast Security Bank is ready to help in any way we can.
Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Northeast Security Bank, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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