Easy Ways to Pay it Forward in the New Year

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Posted on January 29th, 2014 in General by NSBblogger |

Have you ever been in line to pay for coffee or at a fast food restaurant, only to find out the when pull out your debit card that the person in front of you – a complete stranger – just paid for your food or drink? If you have, you more than likely want to thank this person, though many people try to do this anonymously to have you “pay it forward,” or return the favor by doing the same for someone else.

Donating blood and donating food are just two simple ways you can pay it forward to start 2014 off on a good foot.

At Northeast Security Bank, we know you want to do good and help others, but understand it is often hard to figure out how. We’ve put together a list of easy ways you can pay it forward in 2014, so give them a try! Remember to tell those you help to pay it forward to others!
Pay for the person behind you in line- whether you’re at a coffee shop or a restaurant, this is an easy way to show kindness to a stranger.
Help a neighbor with their home- if you have an older neighbor or know of someone with a disability, helping them out by shoveling snow, organizing their home or something else can go a long way for them. When they thank you just tell them to pay it forward!
Provide clothes or food to someone who is struggling- this can be an individual or taking these items to a food bank or homeless shelter.
Leave a happy note on someone’s car/doorstep/etc.- it can be someone you know or a total stranger. Just let them know they’re a great person and tell them to make someone else feel good by leaving them a note.
Donate blood– January is National Blood Donor Month, and though you can’t really personalize a blood donation, the person whose life you help surely won’t forget the favor.
You can turn almost anything into a pay-it-forward situation. Whenever the person you help says “Thank you” tell them the best way to thank you is by doing something similar for someone else who needs it. Northeast Security Bank hopes these small favors can help make our communities better places to live and help you build new relationships as well.
We hope to see you soon!

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