Financial Wisdom for Our Favorite Graduates

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Posted on May 7th, 2014 in Financial Tips by NSBblogger |

Financial tips for grads from NSB

It is once again May, and along with the upswing in good weather, there is also a lot of celebrating going on. High school and college graduation mark a significant step in a young person’s life, whether they are leaving high school behind or getting ready to join the real world.
While various rules and responsibilities may change in these transitions, there is at least one concept that stays the same: the need for financial responsibility. Your graduate will face unique monetary challenges in college or in adjusting to the world outside of school, so Northeast Security Bank is here to help. We’ve put together this “gift basket” of financial wisdom to help the graduate in your life stay financially responsible and live a little easier.
A Few Financial Tips for our Graduates

  • Easy on the credit cards– you’ll be targeted by credit card companies with offers that seem too good to be true, because they are. Credit cards should be used almost exclusively for emergencies, and only if you know you will be able to pay the balance off quickly.
  • Student and other loans- sure, an extra little bit of money couldn’t hurt. Or can it? Borrow only what you need, whether it’s for tuition or replacing a totaled vehicle. Anything extra is just more interest you will have to pay out of your pocket.
  • Be smart during your grace period- if you’ve just graduated from college, you will most likely have a six-month grace period before you have to start loan payments. Be sure you are taking this time to save money and create a smart budget to incorporate loan payments.
  • Save for emergencies- cars need repairs, you can get sick or injured or you can even lose your job. Having money stashed away for these emergencies will help you keep your head above water.
  • Create good credit habits- this works into going easy on the credit cards. By using them responsibly and paying down the balance without missing payment dates you are creating a good foundation for your credit history.
  • Don’t fly by the seat of your pants- “winging it” may work for some things in life, but not so much for spending in saving. Budgeting and having specific savings goals helps you stay on track and out of the red.
  • Invest in your future- it may hurt and mean some lifestyle tradeoffs, but the power of compound interest is more than enough to make it worth it. Plus, if you think Social Security benefits will be enough for your retirement, you are sorely mistaken (if they are around at all).

We’re not saying you will never face financial difficulties if you follow these rules. Life happens, and new costs can pop up at inopportune times. However, if you have a solid financial foundation established, you can make it through just about anything.
Northeast Security Bank would be glad to help our high school and college graduates any way we can. Don’t hesitate to call or come by any of our locations today for help!

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