Starting Young: Banking Services for College Students and Young Adults

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Being a college student or recent college graduate is a great time in life. Opportunities seem endless and you feel like you have your whole life ahead of you. Worrying about money is something for people much older than you.

Banking with Northeast Security Bank

The average college student graduates with over $28,000 in debt. Northeast Security Bank can help you manage your finances for a happier financial life!

However, if you take the right steps now you’ll never have to worry about money. Northeast Security Bank can help you start off on the right path by providing the services you need like: 
Checking and Savings Accounts- the foundation of personal finances, Northeast Security Bank’s personal checking and savings accounts are a great way to start managing and putting away money for current and future expenses. Our “It’s Your Choice” account gives you free online banking plus the ability to pick from other options like ATM or debit cards, online bill pay and more.
IRAs- sure you may be thinking “What’s an IRA?” or “Why do I need one?” The answer: compound interest. The earlier you start contributing to the account the better, even if it’s just a little bit. Example: if you contribute $1,000 a year (about $83 per month) from age 25 to 65 in an account earning 7 percent you’ll have $213,610; waiting ten years to start saving nets you $112,537 less.
Online Banking- access your account from your laptop whether you’re at home, work or studying in the library. You can check your account balance, transfer money between your accounts more easily and quickly. You can also view your statements online to help create a budget and spend smarter.
Mobile Banking- get the same services as Online Banking but delivered on your phone. You can download the Northeast Security Bank mobile app, login to your account via our mobile site or bank via text message.
Service- look, we understand that you may not know everything about banking and finance. That’s okay! If you have questions, any of our staff members will gladly help you find an answer as quickly as possible.
Whether you’re a college student at Luther near our Decorah branch or a young adult living in or around our other branches in Fairbank, Fredericksburg or Sumner, we’re here to help you live a life free from financial worry. Contact the Northeast Security Bank location nearest you to get started!

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