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Posted on March 21st, 2017 in Agriculture finances, Communities, Decorah by vgmforbin |

Agriculture Lending

This National Agriculture Day we celebrate and recognize the abundance provided by farming across our great state.  For instance, did you know 92 percent of the state is used for agriculture alone? Iowa farmers harvest corn, soybeans, and hay alongside millions of cattle, hogs, and chickens.  At Northeast Security Bank, we would like to bring to light all that farmers do to impact our daily lives and thank them for their continued dedication and hard work.


Thanks to farmers’ high production rates, there is a surplus of accessible food in the United States.  With a healthy market for both meat and produce, Americans are able to spend less than 7 percent of their income on food, the lowest percentage of any country.  Many other countries have citizens who allocate more than half their income towards food!  Americans, however, have access to affordable, abundant, and safe meals wherever they go.  As the world’s population continues to grow, farmers have to find creative ways to double their production in order to keep pace.  Were you aware that only 210,000 full-time U.S. farmers produce 80 percent of the food for over three hundred million Americans?   With so many people eating what so few have worked tirelessly to create, it’s important to be thankful.


It’s vital to be knowledgeable, but it’s even more essential to show your gratitude to farmers in your area.  One way to thank a farmer is to buy local.  Instead of buying a large company’s processed crop or meat, buy from the local butcher or store to support your town.  Buying from farmers not only supports them but your local community too.  If you already buy local, you can try educating yourself on agricultural issues, such as the Farm Bill.  Knowing the key issues farmers are facing can not only help you better understand the industry itself but further help you connect with your local farmers and the dedicated work they do.  Support means the world to those working in agriculture because you are taking an active interest in their life’s biggest passion and livelihood.  Another form of appreciation is using social media to support your local farmers.  You can utilize social platforms to reach out to others around the country and encourage them to support farm organizations like American Farmland Trust.


At Northeast Security Bank, we want to thank all agricultural businesses, farmers, and everyone who supports them.  This National Agriculture day is all about you!  No matter what role you play, we’d love to help you grow your agriculture business today.  Stop in and enjoy a cup of coffee with us, we’d love to learn more about you and your operation’s future.

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