Breaking the Mold: How NSB Does Customer Service Better

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Posted on February 26th, 2014 in Customer Service by NSBblogger |

Banks and customer service traditionally have never been best friends. If you search “worst customer service” on Google, you are most likely to find many lists of companies with awful customer service, and banks are guaranteed to be on the list. The only industries with worse customer service than banks are airlines and phone/communications companies.
The banks that do make those “worst” lists are national banks, with offices across the country and huge call centers with 1-800 numbers for customers to call.
As we talked about last month in our blog post entitled “Banking with NSB in 2014: Exactly What You Need, Nothing You Don’t,” Northeast Security Bank provides banking services to our friends, family and fellow members of our communities, not across the nation. When it comes to customer service, we work every day to remain as far away from the reputation of bad customer service national banks have earned.
Our goal, whenever you call us, come to the drive-thru window or walk through our doors, is to provide you with the best value possible. We do this by focusing on:

  • Providing you with a knowledgeable staff ready to help
  • Treating you as we treat a friend – with respect and kindness
  • Serving you not in order to make money, but in order to ensure you achieve your goals
  • Offering the best banking services and hours for greater convenience and options for however you choose to do your banking

Whether you’ve been a loyal customer for years or have just started your partnership with us, your experience will be the same: a smile and greeting when you come through the door, quick service and maybe some cookies, popcorn or flavored coffee if you come on the right day. This is how we break the mold on customer service as a bank.
Northeast Security Bank looks forward to a year full of serving our customers – our friends, neighbors and family members – and to help them achieve their goals. We hope to see you at one of our branches soon!


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