Find Your Way Back Home to Northeast Iowa

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Our find your way program can bring you home!

Our find your way program can bring you home!

Northeast Iowa is filled with great places to live and work. You can raise your children here and know they are receiving a great education and hometown values. Northeast Security Bank is a big supporter of buying local and staying local, which is why we created the Find Your Way Home Program.
This program was created to encourage graduates from the local schools to come back to our community and buy a home in the area. We have set aside $1,000,000 to finance low rate mortgages to encourage graduates from local schools who have moved away or are currently renting a place to stay to purchase a home in our communities.
We want to provide people with manageable mortgages so your future family can have the upbringing you did. Whether you are looking to move back to Fredericksburg, Fairbank, Decorah, or Sumner we want to help. So if you graduated from any area high schools, we encourage you to look around the area to find your dream home. It is more affordable than you think.
We have many reasons why staying in Northeast Iowa is the best thing you can do and we hope you make the decision to buy here and stay here:

  • The rich history and culture. From Decorah’s Nordic ties to the fun of Sumner Days, you get the small town feel with big city touches.
  • The great area schools. From kindergarten to senior year, you can be assured the educational system is top notch. You will enjoy Friday night football to Saturday game days at Luther.
  • The food is delightful. How could anyone not like small town favorites from Fredericksburg to Fairbanks and everywhere in between.
  • Strong community ties. We are proud to be located in communities with tight knit families and organizations.

Northeast Iowa is a place to call home. Northeast Security Bank can make your dream of moving back or buying your first home in the community a reality with our Find Your Way Home program.  Simply contact any Northeast Security Bank location today to see how to get started.


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